Giggles Press - Give the Gift of Giggles

Giggles Press is a small Canadian independent publishing company established by Susan Ross. Giggles Press publishes humorous, entertaining children’s picture books that foster a love of reading, creativity and imagination, and improve children’s language, communication and social skills. Witty, quirky stories elicit discussions about subjects such as manners, etiquette and character. Even reluctant readers will be eager to read these hilarious books.

Giggles Press Books

Every children’s picture book published by Giggles Press provides illustrated craft instructions which enable children to create a memento of the story. Crafts encourage creativity, enhance fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination and teach children how to follow instructions.

Illustrated Craft Instructions

Giggles Press’s small but ever-expanding catalogue is geared to pre-school and primary-aged children. Enter a world of laughter, fun and fantasy with a children’s book from Giggles Press.