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The Rose and the Lily

The Rose and the Lily

Written by: Susan Ross
Illustrated by: Megan Stiver

The Rose and the Lily is a humorous fairy tale that delivers an important message: character is more important than beauty. Suitors flock to marry beautiful Princess Rose solely because of her good looks. Our hero, Prince Sterling, is just like the other men vying for the princess’s hand in marriage; he wants her for her beauty. However, the prince soon discovers that the gorgeous princess is a (hilariously) horrid.
Lily is a homely but kind-hearted commoner the prince meets on his journeys back to the pompous princess. The prince’s perception of both women changes as the story progresses. The stunning illustrations show how Lily becomes more beautiful in the eyes of the prince, and the princess, less so.
Join Prince Sterling on his quest for the perfect hairpin for the picky princess. Meet miners with firefly-lit helmets, a woodland fairy riding her pet peacock, a rainbow-coloured dragon and an ornery ogre.
Children five to ten years old will enjoy this fanciful fairy tale. This book includes instructions on how to make a crown.

The Rose and the Lily (2011)
ISBN: 978-0-9810634-6-3
36 pages

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Craft instructions inside

“It’s a well-known truism that beauty is only skin-deep. In The Rose and the Lily kids will see this for themselves, as Lily’s beauty shines brightly from the inside. As this story clearly demonstrates, character will always be more important than appearance.”
Alice Berger, Berger Book Reviews

“This is a tale of what makes you aware of what is true beauty and what can make even something that seems beautiful at first, really ugly. It is a tale of what love is and it is sure to impress upon your youngster the importance of being beautiful inside as well as outside.”
Riva’s Bookshelf

“This was an enjoyable read that we have read more than once. It’s a little long for a quick bedtime read so I attempted to abridge it on our last read. My daughter was not happy that I had not read her all the words.”
I’m a Reader, Not a Writer

The Rose and the Lily carries a resounding message: character trumps beauty every time. The story is smartly illustrated by Megan Stiver.”
David Kubicek

“With each repetition, the homely (but eligible) Lily grows more attractive in Sterling’s eyes, while Princess Rose grows a little more homely. Just as it should be. Just – in fact – as so happens in real life.”
Steve Barancik, Best Children’s Books
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