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Susan Ross - Children's Book Author
Author Susan Ross – the early years

Susan Ross - Children's Book Author
Author Susan Ross 50+ years later

Susan Ross grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and now lives in London (nope, not England; still living in Ontario). She has a B.A. in psychology and a B.Ed. with a specialty in primary education. Her background in education and her quirky sense of humour are the perfect tools for writing children’s books.

Susan started her writing career late in life (from her perspective) and loves it! She loves using her imagination, creativity and humour to create books that both delight and educate children. ┬áShe loves teaching and takes great pleasure in guiding children through the process of publishing a children’s book or enhancing their writing skills during her author visits. As a craft enthusiast, she enjoys devising crafts for each of her books so children have an activity that relates to the story.

“It is so rewarding to read my books to children and watch their expressive little faces as they sit mesmerized by the story and pictures.”