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Say Please to the Honeybees

Say Please to the Honeybees

Written by: Susan Ross
Illustrated by: Megan Stiver

When Violet takes honey from the bees without saying “please” she is plagued by bees seeking comical revenge, spiders wanting tasty treats, a hungry horse, a grumpy gaggle of geese and a snippy shopkeeper. And why isn’t anyone saying “please”? Children three to nine years old will love this funny story and its adorable ending. This book includes instructions on how to make a bee.

Read The Great Bellybutton Cover-up for more of Violet’s hilarious antics.

Say Please to the Honeybees (2010)
ISBN: 978-0-9810634-3-0
32 pages

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Craft instructions inside

“The story is a great read with lots of alliteration and rhyming; ‘The creepy, crawly creatures took out their teensy-weensy spoons and began stuffing their teeny tiny mouths with the tasty treat.’”
Audra, Little One Books

“I again loved the lessons intertwined in the story, such as being polite and asking before taking something that is not yours. We also really enjoyed the darling poem about bees at the end of the book, which taught both of us some very interesting information!”
Marcy, Fabulous Classroom

Say Please to the Honeybees is sure to spark children’s imaginations to come up with even more creative solutions for Violet and her self-imposed problems, as well as spurring a dialogue on manners. Ross tops off her tale by offering parents (and teachers) a step-by-step, interactive craft “Make a Busy Bee” to do with their children.
Yep, Susan Ross delivers another total package in riveting style. .. I’m giving this amusing tale five stars for originality, charm, lessons taught and creativity.”
Sharon Cupp Pennington, Red Room
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